Prayer is changing the Arabian Peninsula

Years ago, 2002 in fact, key Christian leaders in the Arabian Peninsula (AP) asked the Lord, “What do you want us to do to reach the 50+ million nationals that live on the AP?” The Lord gave them a vision to raise up one million prayer warriors worldwide to intercede daily for the heartland of Islam. Various prayer materials were produced and today there are three prayer guides that cover topics that range from Women to the Church and from key cities to the impact of media. Besides English, these prayer guides are available in many languages, such as German, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and Arabic.

Tony Maalouf, a Lebanese Christian studied the Scriptures that speak about Ishmael. In his book “Arabs in the Shadow of Israel” he opens up the prophecies that speak about God’s love for Ishmael and his physical and spiritual descendants. God’s plan for the millions of ‘slaves of Allah’ is to be free! God sent His Word, Jesus Christ, to the slave Hagar with the promise that the son in her womb would be a free man. Today Jesus appears to his descendants in dreams and visions and shows them how they can be freed by Him.

Yet many still live in fear and inferiority. But through prayer hearts and nations are changed. Some of the profound changes since the launch of Praying through the Arabian Peninsula are:

• In one country the first church has been built where expatriates are permitted to worship.
• In another country the very first local Arabs have come to faith.
• In a third country a network of local believers has come into being.
• In the most difficult nation, Saudi Arabia, the Lord led a local believer to a fruitful ministry through the Internet through which she reached thousands in her own country.

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These changes didn’t come easy. Many people have spent many hours praying for and sharing with Arabs. Though these changes are exciting, the population growth in the region is still way beyond the amount of people coming to faith. And those who come to faith sometimes have to suffer greatly for their faith. When the father of the lady in Saudi Arabia found out that she had become a Christian he murdered her brutally.

Join hundreds of thousands worldwide for a total breakthrough, that many sons and daughters of Ishmael may be set free by the power of Jesus Christ.

Please visit our English website and download one of the prayer guides and/or subscribe to the weekly prayer updates. Those of other languages can also go to

Thank you,

The believers in the AP.

For a quick impression why you should be praying for the heartland of Islam view the PTAP promotion movie on the English site below. 1.30 min.

Praying Through The Arabian Peninsula Video – Testimonies

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  1. It is my duty as a follower of Jesus Christ to daily pray for all till they all come to know the knowledge of the truth.

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