Helen and Ali

Helen is a cleaning lady at a factory. She comes from a very poor village where she lives with her husband and two children in a small mud-walled house. Prior to knowing God’s love, Helen never smiled. Now she radiates with His joy! She understands that God sent us to tell her about His love so she in turn now tells everyone about Him. Recently we started a church in her village. As we sat around looking at the 20+ people in the room, we marveled that most had come to the Lord through this uneducated, barely literate woman. Truly “God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the strong…”

From Emptiness to Fullness in Christ

Ali, a young man realizes following Christ will change his life!

“One day in my bed I started to pray to Allah as I did regularly. Emptiness and silence surrounded me more than normal. I was not able to find the inner peace that I so desired at that time. Suddenly as if I had been pushed by an invisible power I cried out, ‘God whoever you are reveal yourself to me!’ It was at that moment that the name of Jesus came continually into my thoughts and filled my whole being. The presence of Jesus was very clear and strong in the room. I found myself saying, ‘Is it you Jesus?’ while my whole body trembled. I continued by saying. ‘If it is you, Jesus, I surrender to you.’ The feeling that invaded me was beyond description. I knew at that moment that Jesus was really from another world, God’s world. But I tried to resist and started to say ‘No, no, no!’ I realised that my whole life was going to be changed. However, I was not able to flee the presence of Jesus. His presence was in the room!”

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