Testimony from East Africa

Zeynuba is a woman in her late twenties who is married and has two children. She grew up in an area of East Africa where Muslims live in a close community with little contact to non-Muslims. When she finished secondary school she came to the capital to help in the household of her uncle. Since her uncle did not support her for further studies, she was glad to accept an opportunity in the neighbourhood to do computer studies in the home of an expatriate Christian family. As she got to know these people better, Zeynuba was surprised to realize that these believers in the Messiah were friendly and accepted her, quite different from what she had expected. They prayed before meals and displayed a positive lifestyle. In the following months she began to study the faith of these believers.

When her own family became aware of her new interest in the Messiah they took her back home and tried to strengthen her Islamic beliefs. Zeynuba escaped and went back to the capital, however, her bus got stuck and she feared that now she would have to stay at home. In this desperate situation she prayed to God to help her for the first time in Jesus’ name. A moment later the bus continued its journey. This experience made a deep impression on her.

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Back in the capital she continued learning about the Messiah which eventually led to a discouraging confrontation with her relatives when she refused an arranged marriage. It seemed like her life was coming to an end. Many questions worried her: “What will happen to me? Will I ever get a husband?” Her Christian friends encouraged her to trust Jesus who had a good plan for her. She responded positively and trusted the Messiah. The lifestyle and prayers of her believing friends convinced her to follow Jesus, coupled with her family’s rejection. For a while she had doubts about her decision, sometimes even praying the Islamic prayers at night. Over a year later Zeynuba was baptised. This brought a significant change because only after her baptism did she really understand the gospel. She finally understood what Jesus had done for her. Today Zeynuba has a believing husband and they both serve the Lord.

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