Month May 2017


Women of Comoros

31 May 2017/ Day 5 Comoros: Matrilineality – Blessing or Curse? The Comoros Islands are a volcanic archipelago off the eastern coast of Africa between Mozambique and Madagascar.  They cover only 640 square miles…

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Shame & Honor Culture

30 May 2017 | Day 4 A Look at Shame and Honor Culture I grew up in a Muslim community that was managed by shame and honor and I learned…

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Multi-Cultural North America

29 May 2017 | Day 3  Multi-Cultural North America “I love America!” shouts Fatima as the crossing guard escorts her children safely across the street as they walk home from…

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Andalouse of Tunisia

28 May 2017 | Day 2 The Andalouse of Tunisia The mountain town of Zaghouan is situated 70 kilometers south of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The majority of the…

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A Family Fasts

27 May 2017 | Day 1 A Family Fasts I remember the first day that I started fasting. I was only about 7 years old but I was excited to…

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