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Berber of Morocco

Day 26 – The Berber of Southern Morocco

When travelling through the south of Morocco it is hard to miss this symbol – the Berber fibula, an ancient brooch used in numerous ways in everyday Berber life. The Berber people are the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa, spread from Egypt in the East to Morocco in the West. The Tashelit speaking Berbers in the south of Morocco are one of three Berber people groups in the country.

Nowadays you can also spot this symbol on front doors, jewelry, carpets and pottery. For some it’s just an artifact, a reminder of their Berber roots. Dating back to pre-Islamic times the meaning of its shape remains somewhat concealed. However, Berbers who have to come to follow Jesus the Messiah perceive the cross of Calvary hidden in it. For them it is a daily reminder that there is hope and salvation for their people available.

More than 6 million Berbers who are Muslim live in the south of Morocco. Being a picturesque country, Morocco attracts more than 10 million tourists every year. Regrettably, they are mostly mistaken as being representatives of Christianity and they offend many locals by their appearance and behavior so that the locals are not attracted to this foreign faith at all.

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Berbers are proud of their heritage and thus know and identify strongly with symbols like the fibula. However, there are hardly any witnesses of Jesus who could point to the deeper meaning of its shape. Could this be a way to point to the gospel?

How to Pray

+ Pray that Berbers in the south of Morocco would come to know Jesus the Messiah in a relevant, life-changing manner – maybe by pointers in their own context and culture!
+ Pray that those few who know and follow Jesus already would be strengthened in their faith and be enabled to bless their kin.
+ Pray for more workers of the gospel to come and study the Berber language and culture so that more could hear and experience the Good News.

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