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The Masalit of Sudan

Pray for the Masalit of Darfur, Sudan

After hours of driving, we arrived at sunset to a dusty border town, nestled between Sudan and Chad. Smiles and smoke filled the streets, and the call of the mosque went out across thatched rooftops. With joyful anticipation we arrived at our destination – two huts encircled by a low wall – and went in. It had been a long journey, but longer still since we had last been home.

We are of the Masalit tribe, one of the largest and poorest tribes in Darfur, one of the most unreached regions of the world. Darfur is home to eight million people and dozens of Muslim tribes. But war has ravaged the land, and the Masalit are now a scattered people: some becoming refugees in the West, others braving the Mediterranean Sea with small boats and big dreams; some go north into the Sahara looking for gold, and others migrate to the slums of Africa’s megacities. But we do not forget who we are: we take with us our homeland and our heritage, always hoping to return

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‘Kinde!’ We greeted the group gathered beneath the shade of the tree. Surprise, and then celebration filled the crowd! Twelve years ago, as boys, we left home. Now, as men, we have returned. Neighbors gathered, sheep were slaughtered, the drums were assembled, and that night we celebrated like the good old days: drinking Kirimta and jumping as high as the stars until they faded into the sunrise.

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In those precious moments we forgot our sorrows, but we cannot forget for long. The Masalit need your prayers.

Prayer Ideas:

  • Pray that the Masalit would be able rebuild what has been destroyed and reconcile with those who have wronged them.
  • Pray that this year the rains would come, bringing harvest and not famine.
  • Pray that God’s blessing would rain down, that the Masalit, “May declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness and into His wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9).
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  1. My 11 year old son and I are praying together each day throufh the 30 Days. We especially appreciate the videos that have been posted here – really interesting and very helpful in bringing these people’s alive to us. Thanks for posting them and the UK slant thoughts too.

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