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Pamiri of Central Asia

Pray for the Pamiri of Central Asia

Pamiri are strong, independent mountain dwellers, easily walking for a day to spend time with friends. Until recently, their rough mountainous region had no vehicular access, but working hard – with lots of dynamite – the people are making a level way through the valleys connecting needy people, for the first time, to markets and much needed health services.

Their isolation has caused Pamiris to become self-sacrificing in their hospitality. With neither shops nor guesthouses, private homes provide a welcome resting place for weary travellers on dangerous mountain paths. They serve hard corn bread dipped in red beans or yoghurt ball soup and no matter how many guests, they trust that God will provide.

The Pamiri are only about 300,000 people living in Central Asia, made up of about five ethnic groups and speaking different languages. Known for straight-talking, honesty and practical jokes, their lives are quite challenging. In Afganistan, their lives plagued by conflict, religious laws, violence, sickness and death. And religious intolerance is also bringing conflict and widespread fear is some areas. Meanwhile, in Tajikistan, many Pamiri leave their mountain towns due to a lack of good jobs and a desire to educate their children.

Fatima, a Pamiri lady suffering many of these challenges explains, “I can cope with the terrible pain but not knowing what is wrong or whether I will ever get better leaves me feeling so hopeless.” Until now, very few have found hope in Christ.

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Prayer Ideas:

  • Pray for lasting peace, hope, and an understanding of the true nature of God and His abundant life – a revelation of John 10:10.
  • Now that the Pamiri have more access to the rest of the world, pray that they find blessings and hear good news on their mountain. See Isaiah 52:7
  • This area needs more focus on creating disciples, with workers, prayer, funds and miracles to help them find Christ. Pray according to Matthew 9:38.
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