Month May 2020

Muslim women gather in South Asia

Heavenly Ornaments

I asked Zahra if she knew the book Heavenly Ornaments. She was incredulous, of course she did!!! She told me how her aunt would regularly gather the women in her Muslim neighbourhood to read and discuss this…

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Pray for Women in Saudi Arabia

On an ordinary day in June 2017, in a restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, everything was about to change. Suddenly, phones starting beeping and ringing. We read, in disbelief, the messages that were streaming in. Shrieks of…

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Day 10 - Bohra woman clothing Photo by Author UWP

Pray for the Daudi Bohra

Shabbir looked up from his coffee and explained his dilemma. His college exams were coming, but the Dai, the religious leader of the Daudi Bohra (aka Dawoodi Bohra), a sect within the Shi’a branch of Islam, was…

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Pray for the Ahmadi of Ghana

The Ahmadiyya Movement was first established in the Punjab state of India by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839-1908) who declared himself as the promised Messiah and Mahdi – the Islamic reformer. Ghulam refuted Christian, Hindu and traditional…

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Pray for Quranists

Around the world, nearly all Muslims believe that there are three essential guiding elements to Islamic faith and law: the Quran, the Sunnah and the Hadiths. The Quran is the revelation received by the prophet Mohammad. The…

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