Month May 2020

Day 22 - International students on grass Pexels CC by Helena Lopes

Pray for Muslim International Students

In the past decade, many Muslim students have traveled abroad to obtain degrees in higher education. Many men, women and families are moving to live for up to five years in countries where contact with Christians is…

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Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Pray for Kashmiris

The Kashmiri people live in an interesting place geographically: with Muslim Pakistan to the West, Hindu India to the South and Buddhist Tibet in the East. All three religions have influenced Kashmir, and even today it contains…

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Mosque in Taipei Taiwan by Vintagejhan via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Pray for Muslim Migrant Workers in Taiwan

There are over 350,000 Muslims in Taiwan, and most of them are migrant workers from Indonesia. The majority are laborers, fishermen, maids, and nurses, although some are there as students or are the spouse of a Taiwan…

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Group of Irani friends at Malagha Khuzastan by Ninara via Flickr CC

Iran’s house-church movement

Mahnaz nervously rings the apartment buzzer. As she’s quickly ushered in, she sees a few well-worn Bibles and smiles on six familiar faces: she’s in the right place. This small Christian fellowship of new believers meets in…

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Day 18 - Qom City view Flickr CC by mostafa meraji

The Islamic Revolution in Iran

The year 1979 was a significant year for Iran and the entire Muslim world. Widespread social injustices, exiled leaders, Western-oriented politics and religious tumult led to a revolt. The Persian monarchy (installed by US and UK powers…

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