Month May 2020

day 27 alt - Bima Mbojo dad and son by Jacques Beaulieu via Flickr CC

Pray for the Mbojo of Indonesia

“Last week, I baptised my own mother!” revealed Shared, a young woman wearing a typical headcover or jilbab. In this small village in the east of the Sumbawa island of Indonesia, a small movement towards faith in…

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Day 26 - Night mosque silhouette Pexels CC by EYÜP BELEN

Layat al Qadr – Night of Power

It was nearly 1400 years ago that a young Arab man, disillusioned with the injustice of society and the ever-present idolatry around him, decided he needed to get away. He would make a practice of meditating in…

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Day 25 - Kyrgyz women Wikimedia CC by Theklan

Pray for the Kyrgyz people

While visiting friends in a small Kyrgyz village, we passed around the bowls of hot tea as usual. But our friend, Azim, refuses. “No, thank you,” he says, “I’m fasting.” Of course, every good Muslim fasts during…

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Day 24 - Cultural Muslims Pexels CC by Mentatdgt

Pray for Cultural Muslims

Have you heard of the term, “cultural Christian”? It describes a person who generally accepts familiar Christian values and may participate in common Christian practices but does not consider Christianity to be of great importance in their…

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Pray for the Mappila of South India

In the beautiful state of Kerala, you’ll see something you don’t see in some other rural parts of India: girls walking to school with the boys. Middle-class villages along the coast boast their own colorful mosques and…

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