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Movements in Islam

Have you ever read comments on social media posts from any popular Christian organisation about current events and cultural change? Sometimes you could begin to wonder if the followers of Christ have anything in common!

It is no different for Muslims. A shared faith is no barrier to conflicting views on the best way to run a national economy, how to raise children, or which politicians to support. And don’t forget the endless possible arguments over which version of the sacred text is the most accurate and which religious leader has the most accurate interpretation of those sacred texts!

Within Christianity, people have developed different movements over the centuries that reflect different expressions of our faith as it relates to a variety of concerns — how to worship, how to govern, how to raise a family. Political movements, social movements, theological movements — these are all ways to collaborate with others who share our views and to encourage others to share them too.

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For Christians, it is vital that we remember the words of 1 Corinthians 12:12: ‘Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.’ Despite our differences on many matters, it is our shared faith in Jesus Christ that makes us One Body.

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In Islam there are also movements that advocate for different ways of living and worshipping as a Muslim. In this edition of 30 Days, we want to introduce you to some of those movements and explore how we can pray for the people in them.

How to Pray

  1. Hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world are joining you for the next 30 Days to pray for Muslims. Pray as Jesus did in John 17:20-23, that the Body of Christ may be brought to unity, so that the world will know the love of Christ.
  2. Pray that Christians will be a compelling example to Muslims of the influence of Jesus, and that we will be known not by our differences, but by our love as in John 13:35.
  3. All Muslims, regardless of their specific beliefs, understand Jesus (Isa) to be an important prophet. Pray that they will experience a revelation of Him during this time of prayer and fasting.
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  1. We pray all nations will experience His love with a deep conviction in the reality of Christ. Amen.

    God bless you for this platform.

  2. Strongly recommended to every congregation. Thanks for the initiative. No need to reinvent the wheel!

  3. Thank you, our Australian church is praying and I am praying with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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