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Pray for the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh, India

Although India’s Muslim population exceeds 180 million, they remain a minority, making up only 15{1ef34f8f1cacfdc6c19f5319e487deec2393c82eacea09a13da7feed1a24e305} of India’s population of 1.3 billion. Of these 180 million, an estimated 85{1ef34f8f1cacfdc6c19f5319e487deec2393c82eacea09a13da7feed1a24e305} are Sunni Muslims; of which nearly 40 million live within Uttar Pradesh (UP), India’s most populous state. Unfortunately, despite hundreds of years of missionary work within India, the Muslims of North India, and more specifically, the Sunni’s of Uttar Pradesh remain almost completely unreached and unengaged.

Since the Gujarat Riots of 2002, in which over a thousand Muslims were killed by militant Hindus, the Muslims of North India have lived in fear. As a result, there has been a strong movement by Muslims towards living in tight, often poor communities to provide some safety and security.

Some men pause outside their shop in a local market in Bangalore, India | Photo by IMB

Across North India rooftops are lined with green flags, representing Muslim neighborhoods, while orange flags designate Hindu neighborhoods. As persecution directed toward both Muslims and Christians in India continues to intensify, the Sunni Muslims of Uttar Predash find their communities under siege. Negative media reports lead to increased attacks and Muslim neighborhoods often suffer from basic infrastructure issues like low water supplies, poor sanitation, lack of education and health care being cut off or denied to them.

And yet, despite such dangers facing them, UP Muslims continue to welcome guests into their homes with generous hearts. As we sip chai, and share a meal, we pray for these precious people to experience the hope that only Christ can bring them.

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How to Pray

  1. Pray for India to find a way to live in peace with its religious and cultural diversity, with all religions denouncing violence and working together for the good of their nation.
  2. Pray for Muslims living in closed neighborhoods in UP to have the opportunity to hear the message of Christ.
  3. Pray for Christians in North India to contribute to peace, and to bring the hope, light and love of Christ into dark communities. John 8:12
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