Month April 2022


Pray for India

The very first edition of the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World was produced in India in 1992. Since that time, the Christian population in India has officially remained static at around 2.5% but non-government-led research indicates significant growth.…

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Pray for the Ja’aliin of Sudan

Descended from one of the earliest known human civilizations, and tracing their lineage to the prophet Muhammad, the Jaaliin people of Sudan were originally Nubians who became Arabised and now form the largest Sudanese Arab population. There are…

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Pray for Blue Nile Refugees

Fatima rushed inside her small mud hut and hurriedly packed a few belongings. Rumours of conflict nearby had the whole refugee camp in a panic, and she was ready to grab her children and flee. Her family is no stranger…

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Pray for Mozambique

The beautiful tropical country lying on the coast between Tanzania and South Africa is Mozambique. After centuries under Portuguese colonial rule, Mozambique achieved independence in 1975 but fell into a long civil war, which finally ended in the…

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Pray for the Kanuri Manga of Niger

Just under 700,000 Kanuri Manga people live in the east of Niger and far north-east of Nigeria. They are a sub-group of the larger Kanuri tribe and before colonialism they were a very powerful empire. Most of…

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