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Pray for Afghans in India

There are an estimated 20,000 Afghans living in India. Most of these are refugees who live in and around New Delhi. Many of them are waiting for permission to move to other countries, and some have already been denied entry to other places having left Afghanistan.

Refugees are not usually permitted to work in India. This make it especially difficult to live and makes it tough to get refugee children enrolled in Indian schools.

A group of local believers put their faith into action by serving these Afghan families. They provide education in math, English and computer training, and they offer skills development classes to help them find work. They also distribute food and medical hygiene kits.

Young Afghan girls gather in Khwahan | Photo by Kimberly Lamb via Flickr/CC

Alongside this practical help, Bible studies in various Afghan languages are offered. One leader reports, “We have made good relationships with the people of this community and that has led to the opportunity to share the gospel. Please pray that more and more families here may experience the love Jesus by meeting Christian believers through our programs.”

Muslims and Christians are both small minorities in India although India has one of the world’s largest Muslim populations. Sadly, rising Hindu nationalism has created conflict and violence towards both groups in recent years and threatened the peace of the entire nation. With this in mind pray for peace and protection and for many to follow Jesus.

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How to Pray

  • Pray for peace in India and for the government to encourage freedom of religion so that different  groups can live in peace.
  • Pray for Christians like this group who are boldly serving Christ and demonstrating His love to Muslims in India.
  • Pray for Indian Muslims and Muslim refugees in India to experience the love of Christ and come to faith in Him.
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