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Pray for the Caucasus

“I shared our first social media posts with our partners in Azerbaijan. This inspired them to make their own similar videos boldly proclaiming that they follow Jesus” wrote Frank, a ministry worker from the Caucasus, in early 2021.

The Caucasus region lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea; and includes parts of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Southern Russia. It is a very diverse region ethnically, politically, and geographically. The southern part of the region is almost entirely Muslim.

Frank was temporarily not allowed to travel to the Caucasus, so this gifted evangelist worked from his western homeland. Social media allowed him the opportunity to make natural encounters with Muslims online and he produced videos and other media in Azeri.

In nine months several hundred thousand people had viewed his posts. Frank reports, “Hundreds have received a New Testament in Azeri and several dozen people have been referred to follow-up courses. Staff are personally delivering Bible portions and praying for people, despite the security risks.”

An elderly Azeri man | Photo by Myra DeFord

“A brother from Azerbaijan told me that new people come to their house group every week. Another told me that he regularly gets phone calls asking for New Testaments for friends and cannot keep up with the interest.

Frank adds that, in addition, requests have come from people in the unreached republic of Nakhichevan – a region that has remained almost completely untouched by the Gospel since 1989.

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How to Pray

  • This is a challenging region to reach with the Gospel for many reasons. Pray for more opportunities to share God’s love with Muslims in the Caucasus region.
  • Pray for Christians in this region to be discipled and grow in faith, and plant more churches among the different people.
  • Pray for Muslims in the Caucasus to have access to Christian media.
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