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Day 18 – Pray for Yemen

Ada’s husband was killed in the ongoing war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen and died in his wife’s arms. When he died, Ada and her children lost their income and had to leave their home. A woman in this society cannot live without male protection, and Ada’s father could not afford to take her back.

Heartbroken, he told Ada that in the Yemeni culture the only way to protect her from rape and other abuse was to put her into prison. That night, Ada took her three small children, aged 6 months to 4 years, and fled to another city. There she lived on the streets and collected garbage.

I discovered Christ, who comforts me and gave me hope. He provided me with a new family and a new future and hope.

– Ada from Yemen

After some time, a Christian Yemeni lady named Farah met Ada and saw her misery. She took Ada and her children home to her family and shared her house, food, clothes, and also love and care with Ada. It did not take long for Ada to also become a believer in Christ. She said, “I discovered Christ, who comforts me and gave me hope. He provided me with a new family and a new future and hope.”

There is no help from the Yemeni government for women like Ada. Yet the Yemeni Church cares for one other and for their neighbors with the little they have.

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Today, Ada is dong well. She eventually learned to read and write and she has become a talented evangelist and a good listener. Today, she is even the leader of a women’s ministry group that supports other traumatized women.

How to Pray

  • Pray for the physical and spiritual needs of traumatized widows and orphans in Yemen. They suffer from war, famine, loss, depression, and sickness.
  • Pray for Yemeni Christians who boldly follow Christ and help others.
  • Pray for peace in Yemen and for relief from the many ways this nation suffers.
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