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Pray for Syria

Muna is the youngest in a family of 7. After her father died in an accident they lost everything and were forced to live in a small hut in a refugee camp in northern Syria. Muna lived in the camp with her mother, Yasmina, and 6 siblings under the age of 10. When Muna became ill, Yasmina took her to several doctors. One doctor mistakenly gave Muna the wrong medication, which caused Muna to go blind.

Doctors told Yasmina, “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do to reverse the damage, Muna will stay blind all her life.” Yasmina was very discouraged and felt helpless and angry.

Some time later, a group of Christians were serving among the refugees in the camp. Yasmina told them the tragic story of Muna and they listened with compassion and offered to pray for Muna. Suddenly, Muna was able to move her eyes again and her sight returned completely! 

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Syrian refugee children | Photo by Russell Watkins (Creative Commons)

For the first time since she had received the wrong medication, Muna was able to cry and tears streamed down her face. Yasmina and everybody who witnessed this, with their own eyes, marveled at this miracle of healing. Together they were overwhelmed with joy and celebrated God’s gracious intervention.

Yasmina praised God: “The doctors had told us that nothing could be done for our daughter, but Jesus has completely healed her. Glory to God!”

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How to Pray

  • Pray for refugees in the Syrian camps to have access to good healthcare and education.
  • Pray for Christians serving in the camps to be bold and share their faith with Muslims and pray for the sick, and see many come to faith in Christ.
  • Pray for peace in Syria, for the nation to be rebuilt so familes like Muna’s can thrive.
  • After this prayer guide was released, Syria and Turkey were hit by large earthquakes. Please keep praying for both nations, for safety, comfort and for many to find hope in Jesus.
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