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Pray for Afghan Refugees

Afghans have been fleeing their homeland for years, but the exodus grew more intense as Kabul fell into Taliban hands and Talib fighters became more open about persecuting and killing people they do not approve of. Thankfully, Tajikistan was one of the nations that was willing to host Afghan refugees.

Last year the Afghan refugee population in Tajikistan numbered about 5,000. Many of these have been in Tajikistan for 5 or 10 years or longer. These Afghans are from all the major ethnic groups in their home country (Pashtu, Hazara, Tajiks, Uzbeks, etc.) and are practicing Muslims.

Cultural Support Team Meets With Local Shop Owners
A young Afghan girl in the Oshay Bazaar, Uruzgan, Afghanistan | image by DVIDS via Flickr CC

Tajikistan offered safety but not much more. Many refugees are merely existing there. Despite a close cultural and language affinity, they have little hope of building a stable life in Tajikistan. Around 80% of Afghan men and women in Tajikistan are unemployed and there is little material support from their host country. Sadly, there there are no prospects of gaining citizenship either. Afghan refugees suffer from the trauma of persecution and flight, depression, hopelessness, poverty and the ever present fear of deportation back to their home country. For the few followers of Jesus amongst them (estimated at about 300 to 400), added to this is exclusion and rejection – particularly from their own families.

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Most Afghan refugees want to leave the country for Canada or the USA. To do this, they need a sponsor who will bear the costs and vouch for the new arrivals. Almost all refugees place their hope in this option but it is a long and difficult journey.

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How to Pray

  • Pray that God will provide the refugees encouragement and hope for the future.
  • Ask God that that those suffering from trauma will receive professional help and healing for the pains and losses.
  • Pray for steadfastness and comfort for the Afghan followers of Jesus who experience rejection, separation from community and persecution.
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