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Pray for the Munji of Afghanistan

The Munji people are Ismaili Muslims who live in the remote Northeastern mountains of Afghanistan. For centuries they have lived in the same valley with their own language and identity. Closely related to the Kashmiri people (of India and Pakistan), the Munji live rugged, challenging lives.

Most Munji people are semi-nomadic people who make their living by farming and raising animals. Decades of warfare have affected them greatly. Poverty and lack of roads make access to medicine, education and nutrition difficult. There is a lack of hope about the future and fear for the present.

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A man collects firewood as snow begins to fall in the Wakhan corridor | image by Tom Hartley via Wikipedia CC

In the summers, they take their flocks up to high mountain pastures where they enjoy a season of plenty to eat and the beauty of the high mountain valleys. Along with
the Islamic holidays, they have several local festivals throughout the year that bring people together to celebrate things like the pea harvest and the traditional new year.

There are no known Jesus followers among the Munji and there are no Bible translations in their language. But God has not forgotten the Munji people! One Munji man had a dream where he saw Jesus shining bright, holding a book, and controlling the rain and storms. This dream led him on a long journey to find “the book of Jesus” and to learn the truth about Jesus.

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Pray that others like him would embark on the journey to know the Lord Jesus and His best blessings!

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How to Pray

  • Pray for the daily needs of the Munji people in the midst of poverty and lack of access to quality health care and education.
  • Pray for deliverance from addictions and for a true hope for their future.
  • Pray the Word of God to be translated, heard and revered in every home and that the good news of Jesus to bring new life.
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