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Pray for Egyptians

Six-year-old Mohamed attended a Christian event that was held for homeless kids and, after learning about Jesus, he proclaimed that he belonged to Him. Everyone could see that Mohamed had changed for the better. His mother was happy, but others threatened to call national security – putting Mohamed and his mother, and the ministry, in big trouble. Mohamed and his mother were forced to move away with their family and hide.

Egypt has around 112 million inhabitants. Officially 90% are Muslims and 10% are Coptic Christians, but there are even more protestant Christians who live their faith boldy, and many who practice their faith secretly.

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Egyptian Arab woman sipping tea | photo via Canva Pro

In Egypt, churches are officially allowed and even protected by the police during services. But it is forbidden for Muslims to convert or even to search for the truth. The price of a new faith in Christ is quite high. Converts could lose their job, their children, their whole family and their inheritance. The Sharia demands persecution or even death for apostacy. Yet nothing can stop those who seek Jesus with all their hearts.

Abdallah, a Muslim doctor wanted to convert, but he could not openly confess his new faith. His wife grew up in a very devout Muslim family and his children are students in the Al Azhar University, which trains Muslim missionaries. Abdallah was moved to faith by a Christian neighbor who was treated very badly but never lost his temper and even helped those who were in need. That made Abdallah ask questions about how his neighbour could be so different.

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How to Pray

  • Pray for Muslim seekers of Jesus in Egypt to have faithful Christian examples around them who would boldly share their faith.
  • Pray for the discipleship of new believers, and that they grow strong in their faith.
  • Pray that Christians will show practical examples of love and help to their Muslim neighbors who need jobs or other help.
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