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Pray for Amman, Jordan

Church bells ring while the muezzin calls people to pray over the mosque’s loudspeaker. A 22-year-old with his stylishly torn jeans lounges at a café on Rainbow Street, smoking an e-cigarette. A shepherd guides 25 sheep down the avenue, dodging cars as they pass by. A tiny, yellow taxi, races alongside a Land Cruiser as white mansions contrast with grey apartment buildings. Filipino maids pass by Sudanese refugees. University students browse in bookstores while toddlers run from the nursery school to the arms of waiting fathers.

Amman, Jordan – a city of over 4 million – is a kaleidoscope of people of all ages, from many cultures, religions, and backgrounds.

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Feyzal Square in downtown Amman, Jordan | photo by Paul Arts via Flickr CC

Like Nasser the landlord, or Yahya the Egyptian building attendant, many make enough money to provide for their families and to educate their children. They struggle with rising costs of food but are thankful for a home to sleep in. However, their neighbors may include Syrian or Afghan refugees, who are in Amman temporarily waiting to leave for a better life.

Over 97% of Jordanians are Muslim. Some are strong in their faith and pray at the mosque 5 times a day. Others are religious in name only. Meanwhile, some are atheists. Yet very few of them have heard about the story of Jesus. Thank God that there are many Christians in Amman who can tell others about the way of salvation.

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How to Pray

  • Pray for the people of Amman, especially those who are searching for answers, to meet believers and hear the Good News about Jesus.
  • Pray that those who are hurting will hear God’s voice speaking through His Word which is readily available in Amman.
  • Pray for the use of media tools, and that when Jordanians see videos or read articles about the truth, they might respond in faith.
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