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Pray for the Cham

The Cham people originate from the ancient Champa Kingdom located in present-day Vietnam. A large number of them migrated west into Cambodia forming what is now considered a separate ethnic group, the Western Cham. They represent 3% of the population of Cambodia, about 600,000 people.

Most Cambodians are of the Khmer people group and follow Buddhism. The Western Cham are almost all Muslim and can be found in nearly every province of Cambodia, though the largest populations occur in the provinces of Kampong Cham and Kampong Chhnang, where large river systems are located.

Some Cham Muslims practice a form of Islam, unique to them, that was developed from their own traditional practices and the Islam introduced by Arab traders. However, Islamic missionary efforts to Cambodia have encouraged people to follow more common forms of Islam, as practiced globally.

Elderly Woman Portrait
Portrait of an elderly Cambodian woman.

Nop is an 84-year-old Cham lady who lives in Cambodia. A Christian friend gave her an audio New Testament in her own language and she listened to the gospel message from morning until evening. Every day she would listen to her audio bible, and then one day she asked her riend if she could be baptized. Her friend was surprised as she had never shared about baptism with Nop, but Nop learned about it from just listening to God’s word.

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God’s word is alive and truly is at work in people’s hearts, even among the Cham.

How to Pray

  • The New Testament is available in the Cham language both in written and audio form. Pray that when people read or listen to His word, God will reveal Himself so that they will come to know Jesus.
  • Pray for more Christian missionaries to serve among the Cham and for them to have more opportunities to hear the gospel.
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