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Pray for Qatar

The World Cup was celebrated in Doha, Qatar in 2022. This small desert country of 2.7 million people proudly hosted one of the most prestigious soccer competitions in the world. Many Qataris were hospitable and served dates and tea outside of their homes near stadium matches. Many Christians took the opportunity to witness and share about Jesus during this time of openness.

Only about 10% of the population of Qatar is ethnically Qatari. Workers from many different nations live and work in this rich Gulf country. 50% of the immigrants in Qatar are from other Arabic speaking countries. Some of these people are believers and share the Gospel with local Muslims. And many of them gather to worship and fellowship together in various languages.

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The old city center of Doha, Qatar | photo by Alex Androlacadena via Flickr CC

Ahmed, the son of a rich Qatari family, found a new hope when he became a Christian after a Christian colleague from Pakistan witnessed to him. Ahmed longs to be able to worship Jesus together with other Qataris in his own mother tongue. But he is afraid. If his family finds out, they would reject and cast him out. Persecution and death penalty is also an ever-present threat.

How to Pray

  • Pray that the seeds of the gospel, planted in hearts, would grow and that new believers would be bold witnesses to their families and neighbors.
  • Pray for more freedom for Qataris, and immigrants in Qatar, to worship as they choose without fear.
  • Pray for Christians in Qatar, whether Qatari or immigrant, to have boldness and wisdom in sharing their faith with friends, family and even strangers.
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  1. It’s my prayer that the Lord will open the eyes and touch their hearts to come to the saving knowledge of our Lord.

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