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Pray for the Fulani in Guinea

Binta and her 80 classmates enthusiastically jumped to their feet. Today, the teacher had brought the big book with the exciting stories! Binta particularly liked the adventures of the prophet Joseph. She studies in fourth grade at a Christian school in Guinea, West Africa. 80 % of the population here are Muslim, but the secular state allows the free practice of religion – even in schools. Binta and most of her classmates come from Muslim families.

Reading and writing is still difficult for Binta because classes are usually in French and not very interesting. Binta’s parents cannot read and write, like 70% of the population. To them, it is more important that the children can recite surahs from the Quran. They are proud that it was their ancestors who brought Islam to sub- Saharan Africa, but their traditional lifestyle as wandering herders has been prevented by the loss of good pasture land and they have settled in town.

2019 Fulani Boy Amulet Credit Tbc
Fulani boy wearing an amulet. Image by TBC.

Like their nomadic ancestors, the Fulani of Guinea like to travel, and to many the dangerous trip to Europe seems to offer the only hope for a stable economic future. Binta will never forget saying farewell to her cousin Mamadou, who left with great dreams for a prosperous future.

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How is he doing? Binta hopes that he trusts in God and experiences His protection like the prophet Joseph on his long journey.

How to Pray

  • Pray that teachers in Christian schools would be courageous, teaching Biblical stories in a culturally sensitive way.
  • Pray that traditions would not keep people from discovering the truth of Jesus.
  • Pray that the young generation in Guinea would use their creativity to build up their homeland and change it for the better – like Joseph did.
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