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Pray for the Fulani of Ghana

The Fulani are nomadic herder people who originate from the area that stretches from Senegal to Niger. With rapid population growth and increasing conflict in many West African countries, the Fulanis have been forced to move south to find refuge and green pastures for their herds. Over 1 million Fulanis are found in Ghana.

Many Fulanis in Ghana are second or third-generation residents, having built tents or mud houses and settled in nearby villages. Born in Ghana but not Ghanaian, the tribal Fulanis face a wide range of harassment, and they do not easily get access to public services.

This prejudice creates further challenges for the Fulani. Women and children miss out on public health services and children are not sent to school. Fulanis are therefore isolated and younger Fulanis are vulnerable to being persuaded to join Islamic terror groups.

A Fulani Boy Holds A Lamb In A Village In Southwestern Niger.
A Fulani boy holds a lamb in a village in Niger. Photo by IMB.

Suleyman, a devoted Fulani Muslim, grew up in Ghana. He attended the local Koranic school and was offered the opportunity to study Islam in Libya. In Libya, he was recruited to join an Islamic terror group to fight Western Christians who he heard were killing Muslims in the Middle East.

One night, Jesus appeared to Suleyman in a dream to warn him not to join this war, or he would lose his life. Suleyman was scared and told the group who recruited him that he was sick and could not go. The angry extremists threatened him until he left the country.

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Suleyman traveled through many nations in search of answers and acceptance. In one of these countries, Suleyman came across Christians who helped him to understand his dreams. Soon, he accepted Jesus and began to attend a discipleship program for Fulani believers.

How to Pray

  • Pray for the Church in Ghana to focus ministry towards the Fulani in their nation.
  • Pray for the Fulani people to find acceptance and love in Jesus.
  • Pray for the few Fulani Christians to grow strong and be bold, and to be encouraged even when rejected by their families for their faith.
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