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Pray for the Konkani

Ismat waved at an old school friend across the crowded courtyard but he was unable to get close enough to greet him. He had travelled from his job in Canada to Goa, on the western coast of India, to attend his sister’s wedding. Flower garlands covered the ceiling and the band played loudly. People swirled around him laughing and carrying huge plates of biryani.

Konkani Muslim weddings are grand affairs and are celebrated with great pomp and show. Konkani’s are known for their generous hospitality and love of good food. Their wedding rituals include the ‘Seerat’ ceremony, where women sing hymns to bless the bride and groom, and the ‘Mehendi’ ceremony, where the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with intricate henna designs.

Meher Of Muslim Wedding

The Konkani Muslim community is a minority religious group in India, predominantly located in the coastal regions of Goa and Karnataka. The community is believed to have descended from Arab and Persian traders who settled in the region over a thousand years ago.

Ismat knew that his family was expecting him to marry soon also, now that he was settled in Canada with a good job. Ismat’s family did not know, however, that he had been attending a church in Canada where he had been learning about the Christian faith. A co-worker had invited him to a Christmas event at the church and Ismat was curious to find out more. Ismat wondered what would they think if he told them about it but he had no intention of bringing it up at the wedding.

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Pray for men like Ismat to hear the Good News, come to believe and boldly share their faith with their family and friends.

How to Pray

  • Pray for Konkani Muslims to have their hearts open to the moving of the Holy Spirit and to be curious about the Christian faith.
  • Pray for Konkani Muslim families to come to faith in Christ together.
  • Pray for Indian Muslims who are studying and working abroad to make friends with Christians who can share their faith with them.
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