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Practical Steps for Loving Muslims

Part of the 30 Days of Prayer – 2016 Series Practical Steps for Loving Muslims Ramadan and the 30 Days of Prayer is wrapping up. What now? Here are a few practical steps for loving Muslims throughout…

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Institutions and Movements

DAY 30 – JULY 5th, 2016 Bridges of God – Institutions and Movements In 1884, France constructed the magnificent St. Louis Cathedral in Carthage, Tunisia.  It was intended to be an anchor for Christianity in North Africa…

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Muslim Idiom Translations

DAY 29 – JULY 4th, 2016 Bridges of God – Muslim Idiom Translations Like Christianity, Islam is a religion that seeks to convert all people.  However, Islam is challenged in this by its ties to the 7th…

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Night of Power

DAY 28 – JULY 3rd, 2016 The Night of Power – Dream Catchers The 27th night of Ramadan is called Laylat Al Qadr which translates as “Great or Valuable Night”.  It is also known as the “Night of Power”.…

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Yida Camp

DAY 27 – JULY 2nd, 2016 Yida Camp – Refugees as Messengers of Christ In the Bible we find stories of people who have been driven out from their homelands and still today refugees are longing for…

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