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Day 16 – Pray for Chinese Muslims

For decades, China has waged a war against malaria. Malaria is known to have existed in China for thousands of years. Last June, however, the World Health Organisation declared China to be malaria-free. A concerted effort between the Chinese…

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Photo by Michał Huniewicz via Flickr - CC licnese

Chinese Muslims

Day 24 – Chinese Muslims; Yearning for a Mediator In the far Northwest corner of China lives a Muslim people with a colorful tradition. Chinese Sufi Muslims, a small minority of Islamic mystics, have left behind a…

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Pray for Hui Muslims

7 June 2017 / Day 12 I Want to Get Married Xiaoma is a 19-year-old Hui Muslim living in northern China. Most young Hui men are expected to get married at this age, but Xiaoma is facing…

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