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Pray for Chinese Muslims

For decades, China has waged a war against malaria. Malaria is known to have existed in China for thousands of years. Last June, however, the World Health Organisation declared China to be malaria-free. A concerted effort between the Chinese government and the people of China focused on the use of insecticide- treated mosquito nets, the wide distribution of anti-malarial medicines and the development of drugs to treat and stop the spread of the disease. As of June 2021, the nation had recorded no local infections for five years.

Malaria had been a serious health concern in China for decades and was most prevalant in the Chinese provinces along the Myanmar border in Yunnan province – the last place in China to report the disease.



In 2013, thousands of churches prayed for Chinese Muslims. During this month of prayer, God moved mightily. At least one church began to form among the Hui. Churches in China and around the world are still being called to pray and proclaim the Gospel among the Hui. Learn more and get connected:

Yunnan province is one of the most diverse provinces in China, with 26 different ethnic minorities. This includes Muslim communities such as the Hui Muslims – a Muslim group who are ethnically Han Chinese. Some of the Hui Muslims are descended from the first Chinese converts to Islam who were influenced by Muslim Arab traders in the 7th and 8th centuries.

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Other Muslims in this region are from Myanmar. Rohingya Muslims have fled the religious violence against their community in Myanmar. In Ruili, for example, about 50,000 Muslims from Myanmar have settled, learning Chinese, even marrying local Chinese spouses.

How to Pray

  • Give thanks for the progress made in defeating malaria in China. Pray for efforts being made to improve health care among Muslim communities in China.
  • Pray for the Hui Muslim community in China which is concerned about religious oppression. Pray that they will be open to hear from their Christian neighbours, as Christians are also a minority present in Yunnan province.
  • Pray for Muslims from Myanmar who are taking refuge in China, that they will also have opportunity to find refuge in Christ.
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