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Keeping Muslim Families in Mind

Looking back As Eid celebrations draw Ramadan to a close around the world (at different times, depending on how the local mosque follows the moon) many will be reflecting on what this month has taught them. For…

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When Faith Changes a Family

17 June 2017 / Day 22 When Faith Changes a Family What are the implications for a Muslim family when one person becomes a follower of Christ, particularly within a culture that strongly identifies as Muslim? A friend…

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Pray for Muslim Parents

2 June 2017 /Day 7 Concerns of Muslim parents My friend Razia is a support worker at a centre for Asian women in the UK. She cares deeply for the women she works with, many of whom…

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Customs and Behavior

Whether you are meeting at an Arab Muslim's home or doing business in a Muslim country, there are certain social graces, customs and behavior which must be understood. Here is a short summary of the key points to keep in mind.
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