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Muslims in India

3 June 2017 / Day 8 Muslims: A Minority in India Sahil was thrilled to receive a book titled, “Words of Love” from his favourite radio station in India. The book introduced him to the idea of…

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Bihar, India

DAY 17 – JUNE 22nd, 2016 Bihar, India Baisi is a town of about 10,000 people in Bihar, India.  It is locally famous for being a stronghold of Islam, and young men from all around the region…

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Deoband and Deobandis

DAY 15 – JUNE 20TH, 2016 Deoband and Deobandis The town of Deoband in North India has a population of 100,000.  It is small in comparison to the many other cities and towns across the region and…

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