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Day 21- Pray for Pakistan

Education and community development is changing societies in the high mountain villages of northern Pakistan. Dignity and dreams rise like the morning sun over the mountain peaks and pierce the darkness of isolated valleys as women and…

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Pray for the Baloch of Pakistan

Anwar sighed as he finished the last of the khaddi kabab – a traditional Baloch dish in which a whole sheep is stuffed with rice, and cooked in an underground fire pit. The sun is setting over the mountains…

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Pray for Karachi, Pakistan

Located on the coast of southern Pakistan, Karachi is known as the economic hub of the country. The residents of Karachi are very diverse. Over the years, immigrants from various parts of the country have arrived in…

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Pray for Multan, Pakistan

Suriya lives in Multan, Pakistan the seventh largest city in the nation. Most of the 2 million inhabitants are Muslim. The city is in the province of Punjab, known as “the land of the five streams”, yet Multan is…

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