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Pray for Pakistan

Education and community development is changing societies in the high mountain villages of northern Pakistan. Dignity and dreams rise like the morning sun over the mountain peaks and pierce the darkness of isolated valleys as women and girls are receiving education and opportunities previously unavailable to them through the efforts of Kingdom workers. From hidden villages come these testimonies:

“It is a miracle that you have come so far to be with us and to help us lift our lives. We are now a part of society, no longer outsiders.”

“As a father I am so pleased. My daughter is well respected and will be a great contributor to society. We used to think it was a sin to educate our daughters, but we have learned it is not; it is a privilege and a blessing.”

A Pakistan mountain village | Photo by Adam Cohn via Flickr CC

“I was not even able to write my name. Now I can write my name, and count to 100! I didn’t know how to read the correct dose of medicine to give my children and now I can read, and I know more about health and hygiene. And (said with a cheeky smile) I can write my husband’s name too!”

“I was told that I was the religious leader and to stick to my job. My people were against outsiders coming and girls being educated. I stood alone as I welcomed you to our community.Now they say thank you. They are seeing the fruit.”

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How to Pray

  • Pray for increased spiritual openness in these communities and for protection and boldness for workers as they share the Gospel that is the true source of transformation.
  • For completion of a Bible translation into the local language and made available to those newly able to read it.
  • Ask God to raise up righteous leaders in Pakistan to encourage development in its most unreached regions.
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