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Pray for Peace in Sudan

Sudan has been plagued by conflict for decades. Then, in 2011 Sudan split into two countries when the southern region, predominantly Christian and animist, voted to secede from the north, which is predominantly Muslim. In 2013, a…

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Pray for the Ja’aliin of Sudan

Descended from one of the earliest known human civilizations, and tracing their lineage to the prophet Muhammad, the Jaaliin people of Sudan were originally Nubians who became Arabised and now form the largest Sudanese Arab population. There are…

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Nubian boy - Photo by Author

Nubians of Egypt and Sudan

Abu Ali grew up as a traditional Muslim in a Nubian village south of Aswan, Egypt. As he got older, he began to explore Sufiism – a mystical form of Islam in which Muslims pursue deeper understanding…

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The Beja of Sudan

18 June 2017 / Day 23 The Beja of Sudan Amna, wearing a bright blue robe, wrapped around her body and head and with a gold ring through her nose, sits and looks at the burning coals…

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Yida Camp

DAY 27 – JULY 2nd, 2016 Yida Camp – Refugees as Messengers of Christ In the Bible we find stories of people who have been driven out from their homelands and still today refugees are longing for…

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