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Pray for Damascus, Syria

Damascus is famous in Christian history as the place where the Apostle Paul encountered Christ supernaturally, became a follower of Jesus and began his world-changing ministry to share the Gospel with those who had not heard it.…

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Syrian Refugee Families

9 June 2017 / Day 14 A Syrian Refugee Family Waits At a military-run refugee camp in Greece, we met a Kurdish family whose story reflects many others in the camp: Father Aza worked as a taxi…

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Pray for Refugees in Lebanon

1 June 2017 / Day 6 Pray for Refugees in Lebanon The war in Syria triggered a massive wave of refugees who are mainly accommodated in surrounding countries.  Prior to this, in 2014, conflict flared up in…

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From Jihad to Jesus

Bashir Mohammed’s Story The New York Times this week carried a great article about a young Syrian man, Bashir Mohammed, who began following Jesus despite the most challenging circumstances. He was no ordinary citizen. Instead the embraced…

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Syrian Refugees

DAY 26 – JULY 1st, 2016 Syrians on an Uncertain Journey Until recently, Syria was a stable, prosperous country. Children went to school and young people on to higher education. Under the rule of Assad religious and…

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