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Persecution came quickly from his family and neighbours

Algeria Testimony

Algerian newspapers often have articles about the growth of Christianity in Algeria. Some take a neutral stance while others oppose Christianity very firmly.

Here is an example of how some young men became Christians through a newspaper article. It is the testimony from a young couple in Eastern Algeria, where there are many Christians:

Two young men from our city read about the new Algerian churches in Kabylia near the capital, Algiers. These young men decided to go to Kabylia to find out more about Christianity. After travelling all night by coach (bus) they finally arrived exhausted in the large city of Kabylia. The men asked a taxi driver for information about Christians in the city and he took them to a church. It was there that they had their first contact with the gospel. The leaders of the church made contact with us to help the young men get to know Christ better. After the men came back to our town we met with them. Following several encounters we eventually saw that the Holy Spirit was definitely at work in their lives. They came to Christ and a third person, one of their friends, soon joined them. Praise God!

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Note: The discussion about the status of Christianity in Algeria has gone all the way to the National Assembly and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The latter affirmed that freedom of worship is assured for all Algerians according to the constitution. Even so, house groups and churches are under surveillance.


Boubacar came to know The Messiah Jesus several years ago. His walk with God has been both difficult and typical for the Songhai people of West Africa. Persecution came quickly from his family and neighbours. He was forced to move from his home, and many people in his village refused to give him work because he was a Christian. Many others who have faced the same situation have abandoned their faith and returned to Islam, but not Boubacar. He has stood firm for Jesus Christ. He recently baptised both his brother and his wife, and he soon hopes to see his children following Christ. He has become a bold witness and travels each week to several surrounding villages to proclaim the gospel to others.

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