Testimony from India

India testimony of J. A. Subhan

– An Indian Sufi Muslim converted to Christ in the the last century.

The result of my first reading (of the Injil – the Gospel) was startling. In the first place I did not find a single sentence or a clause which in any sense could be interpreted as blasphemous or Satanic, and I had read it with a mind vigilant to detect any expression which implied any such notion directly or indirectly. Secondly, my common sense told me that if certain followers of a religion were to corrupt their sacred books or introduce interpolations into it, they must have an adequate reason or sufficient motive behind it. An enterprise as such, which is not only highly impious but also extremely presumptuous, would not and could not be undertaken by any class of people unless they were to derive some great advantage or benefit from it.

In the light of this principle I closely examined every passage of the gospel, and found none which would supply an adequate ground for such an act on the part of the Christians.

The second reading of the gospel produced in me the deep conviction that it was THE true “Injil.” It was God’s word and His Revelation. The inner urge to know God was to find satisfaction through it. The effect produced on the mind by its reading was so very different from that of the recitation of the Quran. The latter in its original language was something sublime, its recitation was charming, its eloquence fascinating, and sometimes its passages had thrown me into ecstasy, but in the “Injil” I found something which spoke to my soul. The gospel spoke to me in my own mother tongue, whispering to me the secrets of God. Its reading was comforting to my soul, every sentence touched it to its very depths, and it roused the slumbering faculties of my soul to a new state of consciousness.

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She wept bitterly over her life

Very early in the morning, a restaurant employee used to say her ritual Muslim prayers before going to work, according to the rules of her religion. One morning she saw “person” in a vision during her prayer time who told her all of her sins. In the restaurant, she later told the chef, who was a Christian, about it. He said: “I would suppose that Jesus wanted to talk with you!” The next morning she prayed: “If the vision yesterday came from the devil, do not let it come again. But if it was from heaven, then let it be there again.” Then she had the vision again. For one and a half hours all the sins of her life were shown to her. She wept bitterly over her life, which was not correct before God. She then went to a church, confessed her sins, and heard the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection. She received forgiveness for her sins, was baptised and became a member of the church.

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