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Sergei’s Hope

In Memory of Sergi

Sergi became a follower of Jesus while in prison near Dushanbe, Tajikistan in 2002. Upon release from prison he raised up a small group of disciples in an area of Tajikistan with a population of 200,000 but no known believers. The local secret police threatened him and asked him to leave. Local Muslim leaders also threatened him and demanded that he leave. He stayed.

One evening in 2005 while worshiping with his wife and two other believers, armed men arrived and shot him through the window. While the other three lay on the floor and escaped unharmed, Sergi’s body was shot many times. Sergi died worshiping Jesus. He had been a follower of Jesus for three years.

The young men responsible for Sergi’s death were arrested and are now in prison where other believers proclaim and demonstrate the love of Jesus to them. Pray with the brothers in prison that these who were willing to kill for their religion will become followers of Jesus and learn to forgive and love their enemies.

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