One Student’s Vision of Jesus

As a student, no one talked to me about Jesus. Until one day when I saw a vision of Jesus in my room.

Having grown up in a Muslim family in Africa I accepted, believed and participated in the Muslim faith. In my youth several of my family members died in a short period of time. One day I remember crying out to God, “I want to know you before it is my turn to die.” I did not know at that time that my prayer would be answered in a very unexpected way.

I was eventually awarded a scholarship to go to university in the USA. While completing my bachelors and masters degrees I was active in a fellowship of Muslim students at the university. I am sorry to say, that in all my time in the States as a student, no one ever talked to me about Jesus. But, I know people were praying.

I took a job and settled into a new life in the States. One day, I returned to my apartment and sat down on the sofa. Suddenly, the room filled with light and I looked up to see a man in white, glowing like the sun, standing in front of me. He said, “You wanted to see and know your Creator, here I am.” The room was filled with His light and love. As I looked at Him, I begin to sense my own unworthiness and was filled with guilt. The man was holding something in His hand then I opened my mouth and he fed me. I felt light and love going down into my being. I knew I was in the room with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Creator.

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As soon as He left the room, I was compelled to go to a grocery store in my neighborhood. I had no idea why, I just knew I was to go. Arriving there I stood in the fruit section. Soon, a large man walked up to me and said “Hello, I am a pastor of a church and I want to get to know you. Here is my card and I would like for you to join my family and I for a meal.” This was all part of God’s plan for me to meet other Jesus-followers in my area.

I have since returned to my country and my people. The vast majority of them do not know Jesus or what He taught. But, many are praying for their salvation. Many are sharing with them on a daily basis and I know that God loves them just as He loves me.

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