The last of the unreached

There are about 220 Muslim peoples around the world with over 100,000 members each, and these peoples have no local committed Christian witness. In addition, there are no known believers who are specifically planning to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to them. A short list of some of the last of the unreached Muslim peoples is on this page. In addition there are huge numbers of Muslims peoples where there is a small Christian witness, but the Muslims still have never heard the Gospel in a meaningful and culturally adapted way. This is true of millions of Arabs in the Middle East as well as millions more in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Jesus said, “This Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Mt. 24:14). The end of the age and the dawning of God’s new world will not come about before all people from different religions and cultures have had an opportunity to hear and to respond to the message. On this prayer site we have made a significant effort to focus our prayers on unreached peoples without neglecting Muslims in more visible and well known settings.

Muslim Populations

  • Africa – 400 million
  • Middle East – 250 million
  • Asia – 800 million
  • Europe – 25+ million
  • Americas – 5+ million
  • TOTAL = 1.48 billion
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The figures above give the approximate numbers of Muslims in various regions of the world. In the last 50 years probably no more than one or two million Muslims have come to saving faith in the Messiah. Some people might give a somewhat higher figure. Whatever the real number, it is relatively small, and a breakthrough is needed.


Here are some Muslim peoples of over 100,000 without any known Gospel witness.

Saho of Eritrea – 211,000

Maraikayar of India – 127,000

Mawalud of India – 1,161,000

Nikari of India – 151,000

Pashtun of India – 13,282,000

Thulukkan of India – 269,000

Asahan of Indonesia – 541,000

Bangka of Indonesia – 340,000

Belitung of Indonesia – 100,000

Gayo of Indonesia – 300,000

Kangean of Indonesia – 1,100,000

Takistani of Iran – 330,000

Afshari of Iran – 1,230,000

Khorasani Turk of Iran – 832,000

Seraiki of Pakistan – 17,854,000

W.Baluch of Pakistan – 1,261,000

Burig of Pakistan – 474,000

Kho of Pakistan – 314,000

Kolai of Pakistan – 410,000

Awan of India – 618,000

Chhimba of India – 1,047,000

Kamboh of India – 1,525,000

Kunjra of India – 1,601,000

Makhmi of India – 499,000

Mappila of India – 9,635,000

Kerinci of Indonesia – 260,000

Lembak of Indonesia – 120,000

Video: Reaching Them

Reaching The Hungry in Word & Deed from Carlos Sales on Vimeo.

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