Who is Isa?

About Isa (Jesus)

Isa (Jesus) was more than just a great man, more than just a prophet. Although he did good things such as feed the hungry and teach about God, he also did many miracles. Isa healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind and even raised a man from the dead.

Jesus had a great love for the men and women around him. He blessed little children and wept for the suffering. He forgave his enemies and taught his followers to do good things to others.

Jesus loved people so much, that he didn’t stop at just doing good and blessing people. He even died to save others. As he said himself, “there is no greater act of love then to die for a friend”.

So, Jesus, after just a short life of 33 years, died for his friends. However, he also died for his enemies. He in fact died for you and for me.

His death was not just a symbol, it was the greatest act of love ever. He died to take our sins upon himself so that we do not have to face God with the shame of sin and all the badness in us. Jesus took it all on himself.

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And because Jesus did that, God raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus stayed 3 days and nights in the grave, but God then raised him up or resurrected him.

Today Jesus is in heaven, at the right hand of his father, interceding for us. He sent the Holy Spirit to the earth after he went to heaven to comfort us all with the knowledge of himself.

Soon Jesus is coming back to earth. Are you ready to meet him? Are you able to face him without the shame of sin?

If you don’t know Jesus, you can talk to him about your sin and tell him you want to start a new life. You can follow him, talk to him, get his book (the bible) and learn how to do good to others.

Don’t delay, he is waiting to talk to you.

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  1. sorry
    we do neet your praying for us.
    muslims should invite you to discover GOD and the right religion, you said that isa jesus deied for humanity this is wrong hi steal living in heaven
    he will come back in the end of world
    we belive in him as an prophet but not as god or son of god

    • Jesus will come back, but if you do not receive him as God and the Son of God, that he died to pay the price for your sins, then you have no hope of salvation. Islam is not the way, Allah is not the way, Mohammed is not the way. Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham is the only way into heaven, “For there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” Allah is a false god who wants to take away your souls. He is a djinn, a devil.

  2. Jesus (as) is the WORD of God. He is not His son in any meaning, even in metaphysical! He is His creation, worshiper and prophet. He was created by God’s Will without a father. God said “Be!” and he was. Its simple. Please stop looking for hidden meanings.

    Now that you heard the truth you will be fully responsible from turning away from it on the Day of Judgement, when Jesus (as) will dissociate himself from you and whatever you are saying about him. Think about this.

    • Malak, If Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, how then do you expect to get into heaven? Do you deny that Jesus is God Almighty come in flesh?

  3. Joe, i guess your comment has been removed. if you want to have a discussion with whoever the post was addressed to – please mention who do you want to have the discussion with and kindly re-pot your email


  4. There is only ONE way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ. If any other way is tried, it results in absolute failure and everlasting damnation.

  5. Just wanted to note, that ISA – means in Estonian ?Father?

    Estonia language has some roots that go up to Sanskrit, so its from a bit of different branch then most of European languages. Anyways, just wanted to greet and wish all good 🙂

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