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Pray for Al Massira

With tears of joy in his eyes, Mousa embraces the young refugee who has become like a son to him, as he emerges dripping from the baptism pool. Around them, a circle of young men with arms draped around each other’s shoulders stand cheering in celebration.

Mousa thinks back to his own story. He grew up in an Arab Muslim family in the Middle East. Mousa always believed in one God but did not think that God would be interested in knowing him personally. After moving to Asia for work and eventually settling in Europe, he encountered friendly Christians who helped him to settle into his new city and also invited him to join an Al Massira group.

Al Massira is a unique 13-session film-based course available in 35 languages, now used all around the world. It follows the stories of Biblical prophets from Adam and Noah, right through to Jesus the Messiah and His message of salvation.

Mousa could barely believe the fascinating discussions which took place each week. It was after the story of Prophet David that Mousa finally decided to give his life to Jesus, and he was baptized alongside ten others from Arab and Persian backgrounds.

A gathering of an Irani house church

That was the beginning of an incredible story of restoration and redemption, including a miraculous healing from depression. Mousa was also mentored into leadership, where he now serves as a missions’ pastor and trains others to take the gospel to all nations. He continues to grow in his adoration and worship of Jesus.

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How to Pray

  • For new refugee believers to grow in the faith and understand their identity as God’s sons and daughters.
  • For more fruit to come from Al Massira usage, and for Christians to grow in confidence to use these resources with their neighbors.
  • For believers such as Mousa to grow into leadership positions and find their place in God’s global kingdom purposes.
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