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Bengali Muslims

Pray for the Bengali people of India and Bangladesh

At a Bengali Muslim wedding, the hospitality can be aggressive!

I remember attending a village wedding and being so full that I could not manage to eat any more rice and meat curry. The host came around with more food and a smile, and I began to place my left hand over the plate to “defile” it and so indicate that any more food placed there could go to waste. But he was so determined, he slipped in the serving spoon before I could get my hand in place, putting yet more food on my plate!

Photo by Ashraf Siddiqi | Flickr CC

I have never been to a Bengali’s house without being offered something to eat or drink, even in the homes of people who were clearly struggling to provide for themselves. They consider it a great honor to provide hospitality – and providing it well is also a matter of honor.

Bengali Muslims are the majority population in Bangladesh and the largest minority in the Indian states of West Bengal and Assam. With a population of 185 million they are the second largest Muslim ethnic group in the world (after Arab Muslims). They are a large unreached people group but recent years have seen growing numbers come to faith in Jesus.

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Prayer Ideas:

  • The Bible was translated into Bengali by William Carey in 1809. Pray from Hebrews 4:12 for the word of God to do His work.
  • Indian Bengali Muslims face uncertainty as a minority in their states. Pray for this region to have peace among its religious communities and for wise governance.
  • Pray for the growing numbers of Bengali Muslim background believers to have discipleship resources and strong fellowships and courage in the face of community persecution.
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