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The Night of Power

Laylat al Qadr (the “Night of Power”) celebrates the revelation of the Quran’s first verses to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is an exceptionally significant event and is a time when even the least devout Muslim will make an extra effort in spiritual matters. Prayers and good deeds performed on this night are considered to be of greater value than all the prayers and good deeds done in a thousand months.

This night is also known as the “Night of Destiny,” when many believe that their fate for the following year is determined. Therefore, it is especially important for Muslims to pray for forgiveness and blessings on this night, and many will pray throughout the night. Some will even choose to stay in the mosque for the whole of the last ten days of Ramadan so as not to miss this time.

Muslims gather during the Night of Power in Iran | Photo by Tasnim News via Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

Muslims observing Ramadan will increase their prayers and reading of the Quran during the last ten days to earn extra divine favour. It is also a time to seek forgiveness from others, to forgive others and to repair relationships.

Let’s pray that many hearts are changed and many have a revelation of Jesus at this time.

How to Pray

  • During Laylat al Qadr Muslims are seeking God with real focus. Pray that God will miraculously reveal Himself to them in dreams and visions.
  • Many Muslims are seeking forgiveness for their sins on this night. Pray that they will have a revelation of Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
  • Pray for this Night of Destiny to bring opportunities for Christian workers in the Muslim world to share the gospel.
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