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Day 20 – Pray for Burkina Faso

An evangelical bishop and his team had been newly elected in Burkina Faso. They visited the local authorities and leaders of other denominations in the area in order to introduce themselves and establish good relationships. They also felt it was important to visit the Muslim community as part of the interfaith dialogue that happened in their community.

The bishop chose a Friday to visit the mosque, when many Muslim worshippers were present. At the end of the prayers, they were welcomed inside the mosque. The Islamic cleric welcomed them and asked the reason for their visit.

“We came to introduce our new team and express our wish to have good cooperation with the Muslim community,” replied the bishop.

A boy prays during Ramadan prayer | Photo courtesy of IMB

Burkina Faso is troubled by terrorist groups who are spreading fear, and radicals are trying to divide the population. But most of the population want peace and are grateful for leaders who call for social unity.

The bishop gave an encouraging speech to the gathered Muslims: “We have so much in common, we all live in our common homeland of Burkina Faso.” He gave the imam a Bible which was received with respect, saying, “This is the best gift we have received this day, because it is the Word of God. But it is also a holy book. This Bible is worth more than money.”

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How to Pray

  • Pray for those who are working for peace and unity in Burkina Faso.
  • Pray for Christians to have opportunities to offer the Word of God to their Muslim friends.
  • Pray for Muslims who read the Word of God to have Jesus revealed to them.
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