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Pray for Muslims in France

Some estimates say that about 15,000 Muslims leave their religion each year in France. Equal numbers tend to convert to Islam, so the population figures do not change significantly, but ex-Muslims are a growing community.

Leaving Islam, even in a western nation, means facing possible rejection from family and friends, sometimes even threats or violence. But people who leave Islam may cause others to think about their faith and can be influential in leading them to consider the message of Jesus. The rise of secularism in a place like France spreads to other nations, as ex-Muslims influence people in their countries of origin – places like Algeria or Morocco, where practicing Islam is taken for granted.

Group of Muslims walking in Paris, France | Photo by Zoetnet via Flickr - Creative Commons
Group of Muslims walking in Paris, France | Photo by Zoetnet via Flickr – Creative Commons

Farid immigrated to France from Algeria as a child. Growing up in France most of his friends were from other Muslim families, but as Farid grew older he had less interest in following Muslim rituals and more interest in hanging out with friends who were also not overtly religious. Except for Sami. Sami was also Algerian but he had been born in France. Sami referred to God in a way Farid had never heard before so Farid asked Sami about his faith.

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Sami described being given a book of the stories of Isa-Al-Masih (Jesus) and how they had transformed his life. He invited Farid to a gathering of other followers of Isa where they would study His teachings and support one another in their faith. Intrigued, Farid agreed to go and began studying the scripture with his friends.

Let pray for more Muslim young people like Farid to open their hearts to Jesus this Ramadan.

How to Pray

  • Pray for Muslim background believers in France, like Sami, who are uniquely able to be an effective witness to others from their culture.
  • Pray that many Muslim young people would open their hearts to Jesus this Ramadan.
  • Pray for French Muslims who are seeking Jesus to bring their families and communities along with them in their spiritual journey.
  • Pray for Christians in France to be loving, welcoming, Christ-like witnesses.

Top image of family studying the Quran by Tansu Topozoglu via Canva (licensed)

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