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Pray for Muslims in Ukraine

Muslims in Ukraine are a small minority, making up only about 1% of the total population of this Orthodox Christian nation. However, they have a long and rich history in the country, dating back to the 13th century.

Most of the Muslims in Ukraine are Turkic peoples. Some, like the Crimean Tatars are no strangers to conflict over their homeland. Chechen Muslims also have a history of conflict with Russia which brought them to Ukraine, and some of them see the recent Russian invasion as a continuation of a historic conflict. 

Although many fled, Muslims who remained in Ukraine did what they could to celebrate Ramadan last year amidst the sounds of war and a shortage of food. There are many stories of those who remained in Ukraine, helping others to escape and caring for those left behind.

The Uzbek Mosque in Crimea | Photo by Piotr Matyga via Wikimedia Creative Commons

The impact of the war in Russia and Ukraine, where much of the world’s wheat supply is grown, has caused a rise in the price of the essential grain. This has had an impact in many Muslim nations, such as Tunisia, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Egypt, who is the biggest importer of Ukrainian wheat.

With Ramadan occurring last year during the beginning of the conflict, some Muslims were moved to direct their zakat giving to help Ukrainian refugees. Zakat is a type of tithe that Muslims give, usually 2.5% of their income. This year, giving may continue to go to needs generated by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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Muslims in Ukraine are an important part of the country’s diversity. They are working to overcome the challenges they face, and they are making significant contributions to the country’s culture and society.

How to Pray

  • Pray for Muslims in and from Ukraine and Russia to find salvation in the Prince of Peace.
  • Pray for Muslim refugees who have fled Ukraine during the war to find safety in new places and have help to rebuild their lives.
  • Pray for Christians helping Ukrainian Muslims to provide refuge, help, hope and the Good News of the gospel.

Top mosque image by Piotr Matyga via Wikimedia | Creative Commons license

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