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Pray for Muslims in Switzerland

The highest number of asylum applications in Switzerland come from Afghan refugees. One of them is Fahim, a man in his fifties who came to Switzerland a few years ago. Last summer, he had an accident on his bicycle and damaged his right shoulder. He went to a doctor and was advised only to apply ointment on the painful area. He did not get better.

Fahim was no longer able to manage his beloved garden. His other passion, which is sewing blankets for refugee children, also became impossible for him because of the severe pain. After three months, Fahim was sent to a specialist, who diagnosed that his shoulder had been broken and had now grown together incorrectly. This doctor prescribed him physiotherapy, but it was a long road to improvement.

Refugee women crossing into Switzerland | Photo by Crossroads Foundation via Flickr CC

A Swiss friend and believer felt urged to pray for Fahim for his shoulder to heal. She asked, “Fahim, you know I pray to Jesus – may I pray for you? ” Fahim accepted the offer and his friend prayed in the name of Jesus for the healing of his shoulder.

After a few days, Fahim came to visit and he was very happy. “Sister,” he said, “Two doctors recommended treatment that didn’t help. But you prayed once, and the pain left!”

His friend replied, rejoicing, “That wasn’t me Fahim! Praise be to Jesus who has answered our prayer!”

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How to Pray

  • Pray for Muslims like Fahim get to know Jesus as their Healer and Redeemer.
  • That Swiss believers will continue to help Afghani refugees to integrate and find healing from the trauma they have experienced. Many of them are still waiting for immigration decisions.
  • For the Swiss Church to pray boldly and pursue the ministry of love and care for Muslim refugees.
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