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Pray for Afghanistan

Since the Taliban took control of Kabul in August 2021, the tensions between different people groups in Afghanistan have grown. There are over fifty ethnic groups in Afghanistan, each with their own language, traditions, values and orientation within Islam. The Taliban, who are predominantly Pashtun, have been dominating all other ethnicities.

Diar and Aziz work in the same office. Diar is Pashtun, a group that values family and tribal traditions, and follows the expectations and pressures of their community. Like most Pashtuns, he doesn’t make decisions independently, but according to the ideas and ideals of his tribe.

Aziz is Tajik, and the people in his homeland in the mountains defended their freedom during the first Taliban rule and are now in resistance, again. From childhood, Aziz got used to having to fight for his freedom and the rights of his people. He has lost so many relatives and friends, that he stopped mourning their loss.


In the office, their differences gradually ruined the relationship between Diar and Aziz. Jokes were misunderstood and simple questions misinterpreted as personal assaults. Their cultures had taught them that revenge was the means of protecting honor and gaining acceptance, even creating justice. Both Diar and Aziz thought of revenge instead of peace.

But then they heard of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the option of forgiveness. And both decided to forgive one another and work towards peace in their nation.

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How to Pray

  • Pray for the different ethnic groups in Afghanistan to pursue peace and unity for their nation.
  • Pray for more Muslims in Afghanistan to find Jesus, the Prince of Peace.
  • For freedom for the different tribes and people groups under the authority of Jesus Christ and His grace.
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