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Pray for Somalis

Settled at the Horn of Africa with a population of 17 million people – all of them officially Muslim – Somalia was torn apart after a civil war. The Somalis suffer from famine, political instability, droughts and floods.

Most Somalis are stock breeders of sheep and camels, which they export to the Arab Gulf countries and beyond. But now, through drought and mismanagement, the livelihood of many Somali nomads has been destroyed. They were forced to leave the countryside and seek refuge in the overcrowded refugee camps or the capitol.

Increasingly, there has been conflict between the Somali clans. Lethargy among the displaced, impoverished people spreads like disease. They have lost so much and now many of their children die because of contaminated water, lack of healthy food, and a lack of healthcare. The terrorist group Al-Shabaab has prevented urgently needed international help from getting to the people in most need. About 9 million people suffer severe hunger.

Unsom Worsening Drought In Somalia
Young girls line up at a feeding centre in Mogadishu, Somalia, on March 9, 2017. Somalia is currently experiencing a severe drought, and may be on the brink of famine unless urgent humanitarian action is taken soon. UN Photo/Tobin Jones

Nadira’s husband divorced her and left her with 5 children and started a new family in another country. Life became harder for her, but she is very thankful for the inner peace she found after she became a believer in Jesus and the support she has from the few other believers. But then her ex- husband demanded that she send his son, Sami, to work as a servant for his new family. Nadira prayed with a broken heart while he was gone. Finally, after 12 months, the 11-year-old was sent back to his Mama, traumatized and starved, but happy to be with her.

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How to Pray

  • Pray for honest politicians to have wise solutions for the many problems (i.e. displacement, joblessness, poverty, terrorism, drought, hunger, extremism) facing Somalia.
  • Pray for a hope and a future for the Somalis who are depressed and hopeless.
  • Pray that Somalis would have dreams and visions of Jesus and learn about Him through a Somali Christian TV channel.
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  1. Praying that God will raise leaders from among them who are genuine of their service for their constituents.

  2. Have prayed to see Somali saved, soon Somali for Jesus, in Jesus Mighty Name. Come to Jesus, let Somali test and see Jesus is good!

    • Someone needs to remind you Jimmy. We believe Jesus as a prophet but not our savior or god and we are Muslim country. Thank you!

      • Jesus said unto him, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but by Me.” John, 14:6

  3. This article most likely false,untruth, and unverified information.the source that they share with us has no reference and the writer shows his/her unfamiliarity to the somalis! Somalis are one of the most persistence ethnic in this globe.they have longest coastline in Africa which is 3400 miles long,millions of livestock,marine resources,fertile land of agriculture and so on.Therefore,how can 9 million of somalis suffer from severe hunger?!
    Unlogic is nonsense!

    • Hi Eid,
      Sadly, this information is both well-known and easily verified by a quick Google search. The WFP, United Nations and IRC all point to devastating levels of food insecurity in Somalia. There is no reason to close our eyes to the difficult situation the country faces now. And the very least we can do is to pray.
      The 30 Days Editors

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